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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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  (0 photos)

Residential structure fire on 2/15/10.

Photos courtesy of Bob Maxner.  (15 photos)

Pirates invade the Bohemia Parade on the Black Pearl.

Photos courtesy of Carmen.  (11 photos)

Santa makes his way around Islip Terrace, 2008.

Photos courtesy of Carol Paulus  (210 photos)

"Cars" themed Christmas Float for the Bohemia Christmas Parade.  (17 photos)

Multi-car MVA one patient pinned Sunrise Highway Friday 5/4/07..

Photos courtesy of Jared Gunst.  (27 photos)

Residential structure fire on 2/27/07.

Photos courtesy of Jared Gunst.  (67 photos)

Residential structure fire on 2/27/07.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Moritz.  (29 photos)

Residential structure fire on 2/6/07.

Photos courtesy of Joe Marino.  (94 photos)

Residential structure fire on 2/6/07.

Photos courtesy of Jared Gunst.  (16 photos)

Residential structure fire on 12/7/06.

Photos courtesy of Paul Ryan.  (85 photos)

Wetdown on 10/14/06 for 392, a Smeal/Spartan pumper with 750 gal. tank, 1500 gpm pump, 6 man cab with 2 jump seats. Departments in attendance were Islip Terrace, Bohemia and West Sayville. A message from Ex-Chief Sansone, "Thanks to all who attended; we had a great time!"  (38 photos)

Operation Santa December 9, 2006  (24 photos)

Bohemia Christmas parade 2006.  (154 photos)

Some pictures of the previous Engine 3-6-4. This Engine is now proudly serving Broad Channel Fire Dept.  (4 photos)

Pictures from a working house fire in Oct 2006. Special thanks to East Islip FD, West Sayville FD, Exchange Ambublance, and all the other teams that helped.  (74 photos)

Pictures from the Memorial Day Parade 2006  (13 photos)

On May 16, 2006 the ITFD responded to a confirmed pin job, Sunrise Highway. The injured driver was disentangled and air lifted to hospital.

Photos courtesy of Exchange Ambulance of the Islips   (22 photos)

The conclusion of Islip Terrace FD RIT Training hands-on, collapse scenario. Sunday Feb 26th, 2006. Congratulations to our new RIT members.  (86 photos)

All Companies respond to a Signal 13-35 at 06:53 hours February 25, 2006. The mutual aid departments were: Central Islip FD on scene providing RIT, East Islip FD was standing by at Headquarters, Exchange Ambulance of the Islips provided EMS.

Photos contributed by Bob Maxner   (64 photos)

Islip Terrace FD softball team. Town champs 2005  (19 photos)

Department Apparatus  (9 photos)

Suffolk County PD aviation was called for an airlift to Stony Brook University Hospital when spinal injury was suspected for a man who was thrown from a horse.

Photos contributed by Bob Maxner  (11 photos)

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