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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Pet Saver Window Clings

Canine Company has generously donated "Pets Inside" decals to the Islip Terrace Fire Department!

In the event of an emergency, PETS INSIDE alert stickers let firefighters know what type and how many pets are inside your home.

Residents of Islip Terrace can come to Fire Headquarters to pick up your free decal! 

Write the number and type of pets are inside the home and place it on or near the front door where rescuers can see it!



Help Us Help Your Pets! 

  • Keep pets near entrances when away from home.
  • Keep collars on pets and leashes at the ready in case firefighters need to rescue your pet.
  • When leaving pets home alone, keep them in areas or rooms near entrances where firefighters can easily find them.
  • Affix a pet alert window cling and write down the number of pets inside your house and attach the static cling to a front door or window. This critical information saves rescuers time when locating your pets. Make sure to keep the number of pets listed on them updated!




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